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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sampath Kumar writes for Hiduism and Vaishnava Divya Desams

My Friend Sri.Sampathkumar is writing more about Hinduism, Vaishnavism, and about Vaishnava Temples in his blogspot:

You can visit his blog to know more about temples and Vaishnava Divya desams in India.
His blogspot gives details in both English and Tamil.

Women in Hinduism

Women in Hinduism:

"To understand the position of women in Hinduism, one must understand the true essence of Hindu scriptures and be able to discriminate between what is religious philosophy versus what was merely social philosophy in the ancient times. The social philosophy varies with time, but the religious ideals do not. This point is critical since Hinduism has a large number of scriptures and lack of right understanding as to their content and hierarchy can result in distortion of the Hindu religious tradition."

Hindu Concept of God

Hindu Concept of God

In general Hinduism considers God not just as the Supreme All-powerful Gigantic One, Who commands the humanity to tread the way He/She/It says, but also a personal God Whom the individual can worship out of love and not necessarily out of fear ! The fear brings one only upto certain point and beyond that it repels, but love takes through to the point. Devotion or bhakti as often referred to is a very key concept in Hinduism, even for the philosophically inclined ones. While the shashtras - be it vedas, Agamas, purANas - describe the Glory of God, one finds abundance of stotras that praise the God in love

The Beauty of Hinduism – Gods, epics & stories

The Beauty of Hinduism – Gods, epics & stories

There are several stories as to how Ganesha lost his tusk. The version below is derived from the Brahmânda-Purâna and is related to a battle between Ganesh and Parashurâma. Parashurâma was one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Parashurâma meditated on Shiva and got the divine axe, Parashu

Vyasa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vyasa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"Vyasa (Devanagari: व्यास, vyāsa) is a central and revered figure in the majority of Hindu traditions. Vyasa is conflated'by Vaishnavas with Badarayana, the author of the Vedanta Sutras. He is also sometimes called Veda Vyasa (वेद व्यास, veda vyāsa), (the one who compiled the Vedas) or Krishna Dvaipayana (referring to his complexion and birthplace). He is considered to be the scribe of both the Vedas, and the supplementary texts such as the Puranas. He is the author of Sri Devi Bhaagavat (Devi-Bhagavata Purana). A number of Vaishnava traditions regard him as an avatar of Vishnu.[1] Vyasa is also considered to be one of the seven Chiranjivins (long lived, or immortals), who are still in existence according to general Hindu belief.
The festival of Guru Purnima, is dedicated to him, and also known as Vyasa Purnima as it is the day, which is believed to his birthday and also the day he divided the Vedas.[2][3]"

A True Hindu needs to help other hindus and other religion people in the world

A True Hindu needs to help other hindus and other religion people in the world.

A true Hindu needs to help others in his street, area, state and country.  A hindu should show friendship to others who are coming to temple.  A hindu should help to clean the temple. 

I Love Hinduism

Hinduism is a great religion with lot of beautiful things in its scriptures, vedas, Upanishads and other sacred books of Hinduism.  This blog is created to explore the beauty of Hinduism and its various formations.  Hinduism is an ancient religion contributed by many people for its growth.  Hinduism is growing by its love, affection and unity.  Hinduism teaches to help each other.